Saturday, February 11, 2017

I'm such a BADASS! - my first bound book

I've done it. I've finally done it! I've been looking at book binding tutorials many times but I never made one. It has always looked too complicated, intimidatingly complicated! And I don't do complicated. I'm such a chicken. *bwaakbaak*

However, while watching a video class by Kiala Givehand, I just knew that I would do it this time. Her class is one of 17 classes in this online course called One BADASS Art Journal, and the way Kiala taught her book binding class made it really easy to understand so that "even I" should be able to do it. So, while watching Kiala bind a book, I got out my watercolour paper and bound them with her! The next day I went to the fabric store to get the canvas I needed for the cover.

Want proof that I really DID IT this time? I've got proof! You can click on the photos below if you want to see bigger versions:

Canvas cover
decorated with acrylic paint and stencils
My watercolour paper was glued with some black goo on 4 sides of the pad. I decided to leave it there, 'cause I'm such a badass, remember? ;)
I painted the inside of the flap as well. 
Example of my pretty stitching ...
Example of not so pretty stitching ...
I didn't really have the kind of thread I needed,
but I was too impatient to wait so I used what I had.

Not too bad, is it?

I think I want to decorate the cover more, add some black paint perhaps. I used colours that, to me, feel empowering so that I can become a real BADASS! (i.e. not such a chicken ...)
Edited Feb 15th: See my update of how I added more to my cover in this post.

These are the One BADASS Art Journal classes I'm taking: 

Full disclosure: I am not sponsored, I'm just sharing because I LOVED the first class! I do know one of the teachers (Susanne Rose), in fact she's a close friend and a colleague, but that has nothing to do with the fact that I LOVE this! I have only taken the first class, the next one will be released on the 13th of Feb., as these are weekly classes going on till June. You can jump in at any time and follow the classes at your own pace.

I will use my very first bound book when I take the rest of these classes, so that by the end of this course I will have filled at least 16 pages of my precious book. So stay tuned for updates as I continue to take these classes, and by June I should be a genuine BADASS. Yooohooooooo! (Be very afraid ...)

One thing's for sure: now that I have bound my first book, I will do it again. And again! I have ordered the thread I want for my next few books - waxed linen 4 ply in vivid red! See, I'm turning into a badass already ;) 

Thanks for looking!

(badass wannabe)


  1. I must say your hand made journal looks awesome! I note that you didn't sew the raw edges of the fabric... which gives a nice distressed look as well as being speedy!
    Definitely badass! xx

    1. Thank you! Kiala's cover had frayed edges and I really liked it. She didn't paint the frays, though, and I will leave them un-painted next time so they stay soft and natural coloured, well - untill tear and wear make them badass dirty... xx

  2. Wow looks like you're a natural at this book binding caper Bibi!! LOVE your book sooooooo there no end to your multitude of amazing talents?!
    Donna xx

    1. You're too kind, Donna dear. I have not just one, but many ends to my talents ;) But thank you for saying that, huni! xx

  3. BADAss perfection ....LOL x Well done you on trying this technique and smashing it. Yes empowering colours and so unique. Looking forward to seeing the pages filled as the course goes along. Thanks for sharing this fabulous make x

    1. Thank you! By now you have seen what I did to my empowering colours on the upate ... Should I have or should I not, I am not sure.. but done is done :) xx

  4. Your journal looks awesome!!! I am so excited on your pages in this journal and I am happy that you enjoy the workshop!!! Big Hugs!!!

    1. Thank you!! I will do every class, so stay tuned! HUGS! xx

  5. How wonderful Bibi to have created your own Journal.. Its looks just super, now I'm looking forward to seeing what delights you fill it with xx

  6. WooHoo look at you! This is brilliant Bibi, and you are definitely a Badass. Enjoy filling your book! Sorry it's such a quick visit but I'm on a borrowed laptop! Have a great week. Sue xx

    1. Thank you! Welcome back for a longer stay once you get your PC back :) xx

  7. Gorgeous cover. I have seen it blacked, which is also lovely. The frayed edges are lovely. Hugz


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